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Best Of Raw 1997 Vol 4

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Best Of Raw 1997 Vol 4

هوم ویدیو زیبا از کمپانی WWE


The matches were as follows:

1. Undertaker vs Stone Cold - 3/5 - Good match but then certain people interfered in the match to cause DQ.

2. Vader vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Tough Man Contest) - 4/5 - Great match between Vader and Steve Austin with lost of fast paced action back and forth. And Vader is one of my favourite superstars as he is so athletic for a big guy.

3. Undertaker and Ahmed vs Mankind and Faarooq - 5/5 - Really good match and an unlikely paring of Taker and Ahmed facing their enemies Mankind and Faarooq. Some of the expressions on Paul Bearer's face were quite funny as well like he's scared of Undertaker. That's what he gets for turning his back on him.

4. Rocky Maivia vs HHH (Intercontinental Championship Match) - 5/5 - Great match again fast paced action back and forth and the Honky Tonk Man is on commentary along with Vince, JR and the King Jerry Lawler, the apparently Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

5. Bret 'Hit Man' Hart vs Vader - 5/5 - Very good match again interference caused the match to even start but apart from that good match.

6. Bret 'Hit Man' Hart vs Sycho Sid (WWF Championship Match) - 4/5 - Again a great match between the Hitman and the Sycho one with a shocking end to match and interference again by a certain superstar.

7. Sycho Sid vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - 3/5 - Again good match.

8. Sunny vs Marlena (Arm Wrestling Contest) - 2/5 - Not that great but worth watching Sunny and Marlena. Honky Tonk as referee.

9. L.O.D. vs Headbangers - 4/5 - Legion of Doom make a return for this match which again is great.

10. Undertaker vs Faarooq - 5/5 - Again great match.